About Eggenberger & Haas

Our company EH Apartments was founded in February 2020 by Sandro Eggenberger and Paul Haas to rent stylish luxury apartments in St. Gallen and Chur. Our motivation is to enable our guests to have a luxury stay that they can afford and that not only convinces them in every respect, but also inspires them.

Apartments are the hotel rooms of the future


Entrepreneur Paul Haas, born in Buenos Aires in 1994, and real estate specialist Sandro Eggenberger, born in 1994, share a passion for travel and a shared view that apartments will be the hotel rooms of the future because they are tailored to the needs of guests and, moreover, a have a personal touch. Our credo is therefore to offer our guests a special stay at a fair price.

Special apartments as a vision

With the help of the entrepreneurial spirit and the expertise that Paul gained during his successfully completed bachelor’s degree in business administration at the University of St. Gallen, as well as the many years of experience of his partner and owner Sandro in the real estate industry with a focus on apartment buildings / investment properties, we want to realize this vision.